Different Pharmacy

It is very common that at the entrance of Hong Kong pharmacies are stacked many cans of milk powders, packages of roll paper, boxes of detergent, shampoo and other daily supplier. Walking inside, you will find an array of cosmetics, more suppliers and fancy-packaging, seemingly useful drugs that even don’t ring a bell with you. This kind of pharmacy, or drugstore, is opened everywhere. It happens that in one section of Argyle Street or Shan Tung Street, commercial streets in Mong Kok, you can see two or more at a glance.

Meanwhile, many pharmacies sell diverse Chinese herbal like Astragalus, Angelica etc. and valuable ingredients such as fin and ginseng. Medicine materials are reserved in big glass jars when some are displayed in air. Labeled with “doctor’s visit”, Tai On pharmacy, located in Tai Wai, only concentrates on Chinese medicine, where there is a separated room for the inquiry treatment. Doctor Pan, around sixties, was on duty, and outside were five patients, one of whom was pregnant. Pan inquires, feels their pulse and prescribes by computer, seven minutes per patient on average. Besides much more herbal materials, it offers decocting service, which distinguishes itself from those multi-purpose drugstores.


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