Hong Kong Students’ Appeal (happened on 27 SEP.)

Hong Kong Students’ Appeal
Last Saturday, on 27 September, a crowd of students still remained seated peacefully in front of the headquartes of the Legislative Council after student activist leader Joshua Wong was arrested the day before, boycotting vetted chief executives by Beijing in 2017 election and demanding an acceptable response from the government.
DSC_0796(by Xu)

“Students are simple and adorable. They protest out of a pure motivation as they aren’t burdened with family and social pressure,” said a 40-year-old Hongkonger who was from Kowloon district and didn’t want to give his name, “Hong Kong has been an idle running society for years,” he added, which meant the city was seemly developing whereas it didn’t run forwards in essence. When asked about the risk of electing an anti-central chief, he said politics was a compromising game, “the Populism would not happen here despite a universal suffrage.”

A junior girl of 15 years old from Tsing Yi district, together with her parents, said “We want to have a word with officers, but the government was always evading a direct talk with students’ representatives”. She once participated in routine gathering of Hong Kong Federation of Student (HKFS in short). Participants discussed in groups and chose a representative for a further decision and “One person, one vote” was a consensus. “We wished for a government that was truly elected by Hong Kong people, rather than being slated by Beijing, and functioned for the sake of this city.”

“Students have applied for this demonstration permission but theirs was turned down while campaigns of pro-central were approved,” said a junior student protestor, Yee Shan Lau who came with her friend to join the demonstration without their parents’ permission, “The central has promised in 2007 an universal suffrage of 2017 but now it’s still vetted by Beijing, which makes Hongkongers feel deceived,” her friend added, “The relationship of Beijing and Hong Kong is like making friends and how can we keep good terms one another without mutual trust?.” According to Yee, protestors clearly knew what they were demanding, a democratic election. They two sat along the street outside the fence in case that police block pathways so that they failed to go home in time.

Goods, which were donated by citizens, was orderly transferred to support protestors and students were equipped with goggles, umbrellas etc., because police unexpectedly employed violent force against them last night.


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